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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Nguyen Van Thinh[Vietnam], Alla A. Okolelova[Russia]Fauna of Dong Nai Biosphere reserve, Southern Vietnam2015, June1186
2Alexey V. Romashin[Russia]Bats of the Sochi National Park and their Protection2015, June1120
3G.T. Mustafaev[Azerbaijan], Sh.M. Jafarova[Azerbaijan], A.T. Mamedov[Azerbaijan]Multiparametrnaya Evaluation of Monitoring Reproductive Birds on Southeastern Caucasus2016, June977
4E.I. Simonovich[Russia], A.A. Kazadaev[Russia]The Formation of a Complex of Ordinary Chernozem Soil Fauna in the Process of Natural Steppe Territories2016, June970
5A.R. Boltachev[Russia], E.P. Karpova[Russia], O.N. Bykhalova[Russia], R.E. Prishchepa[Russia], E.R. Ablyazov[Russia], V.V. Gubanov[Russia], O.N. Danilyuk[Russia]The Current State of the Fish Fauna of the State Natural Reserve “Utrish”2016, December810
6Lev M. Shagarov[Russia]Transformation of the Avifauna on Imeretinskaya Lowland after Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games2016, December772
7Irina I. Gaponova[Russia], Valery I. Glazko[Russia], Tatiana V. Blokhina[Russia], Eugenia A. Knyaseva[Russia], Tatiana T. Glazko[Russia]Comparative Analysis of Polylocus Spectra of ISSR-PCR Markers in Dogs, Jackals And Wolves2017, September683
8Valeriy I. Glazko[Russia], Tatiana T. Glazko[Russia]Spectra of IRAP Markers in Sheep, Cattle, Horses2017, September624
9Phillip A. Nasirov[Russia], Arthur G. Jablokov[Russia], Oleg V. Gradov[Russia]Technical and Methodical Notes on the Lensless Holographic Microscopy Applications for Helminthology and Zooparasitology. Case I: Spectrozonal/Multispectral Analysis of Ascaris Lumbricoides based on Coherent and Incoherent Light Sensor Platforms2018, September136
10Phillip A. Nasirov[Russia], Arthur G. Jablokov[Russia], Theodor K. Orekhov[Russia], Oleg V. Gradov[Russia]Spectrozonal Lens-Less Imaging of the Fish Tissue: RAW Data and Symmetry Analysis2018, September93

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